Monday, February 1, 2016

Print Resource of the Month: Louisiana Civil Jury Instruction Companion Handbook

From January to May, we are focusing this series on Louisiana-specific materials intended to be helpful for practice (or that are just really interesting). Check back each month for updates!

Last month’s post discussed Trial Handbook for Louisiana Lawyers , a book that provides a wide range of information related to practice in LA district courts. The resource this week focuses on one aspect of courtroom practice: jury instructions.

Louisiana Civil Jury Instruction Companion Handbook is a great resource for practicing attorneys because usually lawyers write and submit jury instructions without pattern instructions to follow. This book compiles jury instructions that were actually given in particular cases with additional notes to serve as a guide for practitioners. It is designed as a “companion handbook” to work in conjunction with another popular treatise on LA jury instructions, Louisiana Civil Law Treatise, Civil Jury Instructions (available in print KFL 542.6 .J64 and on WestlawNext).

Andrea Beauchamp Carroll, Louisiana Civil Jury Instruction Companion Handbook (2014-2015 ed. 2014). (KFL 542.6 .L68)

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