Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Collection Highlight: Legal Decisions That Shapped Modern Baseball

This 2012 title from Patrick K. Thornton is a recap of the history of legal decision that have influenced America's Pasttime and at times influenced American law in substantial ways. Legal Decisions That Shaped Modern Baseball, Amazon Link & Catalog Link, tells its story based on specific cases including Curt Flood's challenge of the Reserve Clause, Ownership of Barry Bonds' 73rd Home Run Ball, and major arbitration decisions regarding John Rocker and Dave McNally. Below is a condensed version of the table of contents. The book can be found at the call number - KF 3989. A52 T46 2012.

Chapter 1 - Popov v. Hayashi - The Battle Over the Barry Bonds 73rd Home Run Ball
Chapter 2 - Metropolitan Exhibition Company v. Ward - Baseball's First Significant Legal Case
Chapter 3 - Philadelphia Ball Club v. Lajoie - Napoleon Lajoie Bolts to the American League
Chapter 4 - O'Connor v. St. Louis American League Baseball Co. - The Legendary Dispute Over the 1910 American League Batting Title
Chapter 5 - People v. Cicotte - The Black Sox and Baseball's Most Famous Trial
Chapter 6 - Rose v. Giamatti - The All-Time Hit Leader is Banned from the Game
Chapter 7 - The Arbitration Case of John Rocker - John Rocker Speaks His Mind About Race Relations
Chapter 8- New York State Division of Human Rights v. New York-Pennsylvania Professional Baseball League, Postema v. National League of Professional Baseball Clubs - Bernice Gera and Pam Postema Try to Break Baseball's Glass Ceiling
Chapter 9 - Flood v. Kuhn - Curt Flood Takes His Challenge Over Baseball's Reserve Clause to the U.S. Supreme Court
Chapter 10 - Andy Messersmith / Dave McNally Arbitration Case - Players Win Their Freedom in Arbitration
Chapter 11 - Baseball's Collusion Cases - Free Agents Take On the Owners
Chapter 12 - Schentzel v. Philadelphia Baseball Club, Benejam v. Detroit Tigers, Inc. - A Day at the Ballpark Isn't Always a Can of Corn
Chapter 13 - CBC Distribution and Marketing v. Major League Baseball Advanced Media - Baseball's Battle for the Box Score: A Constitutional Question