Monday, February 8, 2016

Electronic Resource of the Month: U.S. Presidential Library on HeinOnline

From January to May, we are focusing this series on some of the collections available via HeinOnline. All HeinOnline resources can be accessed through The collections are available to Loyola Law faculty and students, and it can be accessed while connected to the Loyola internet or off-campus using your Loyola username and password. Check back each month for updates!

The U.S. Presidential Library on Hein includes over 261 titles including: 

  • Public Papers of the Presidents (1929-2011)        
  • Messages and Papers of the Presidents (1789-1929)
  • CFR Title 3 (Presidents – Executive Orders, Proclamations, Reorganization Plans)
  • Daily and Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents

HeinOnline provides PDF scans of the official versions of these documents. This means that all documents pulled from here can be cited as if to the official, authentic print source. See T1.2 Executive Office of the President, page 243-244 in the 20th ed. of the Bluebook for citation conventions. 

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