Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Loyola Law - Tulane Law Reciprocal Borrowing Agreement

Many student already know about the Loyola-Tulane agreement that we have started this Fall semester but I wanted to make sure and put a plug in for it on the blog and Facebook. Basically, Loyola Law students can check out materials at the Tulane Law Library if a Tulane student could check out said item. Tulane Law students have the same privilege to check out materials at the Loyola Law Library. There are a few clarifications that this post will highlight: 1. Loyola Law students are not admitted to the Tulane Law Library after 7 on weeknights and on the weekends. If Loyola Law students are in the library during those times the checkout reciprocal agreement cannot apply. 2. The agreement basically only applies to physical materials. It does not apply to study rooms, electronic databases, interlibrary loans, or computer lab usage. 3. Fines and checkout period lengths are determined by the library that owns the book/material (regardless of the school you are enrolled in). As always if you have any questions please ask a librarian.

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