Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Hollywood South is a name that New Orleans has easily adopted in the past few years do the large amount of filming now done in the city. As you drive around town you can often see signs such as this:

This is one is actually a little more explanatory than most as they are often adorned with cryptic letters that can become a fun guessing game. To help figure out what is going on in town (and remember many of these movies filming are new so you won't know them) there are also site such as onlocationvacation . A note for those that live close to the school, at times Treme films quite close to the school (on Hurst, I believe).

I will also mention that while you are in school, and perhaps notice an opportunity to need to learn a bit about entertainment law the library does have some print resources (in the KF 4290 area) in addition to the online resources provided by Westlaw and LexisNexis. Maybe you know a budding star, a home owner that has a movie company wanting to rent his home as a set, or just want to know more; use our materials to be prepared.

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