Thursday, September 27, 2012

New to the Collection: The Zen of Law School Success

The Zen of Law School Success by Chad Noreuil is new to our collection and I wanted to highlight it as it is unique compared to our normal selections. This book focuses on the mental aspect of law school instead of on actual subject matter and specifically on how, in their opinion, to succeed and has First Year students as its primary intended audience. This title includes ideas on preparation for written exams, multiple choice exams, and how to handle negativity and obstacles through law school and especially during exam time. Below is a condensed version of the table of contents. The book can be found at the call number – KF 283. N67 2011.

Chapter 1 – Preparing for the Journey
Chapter 2 – Knowing Your Universe
Chapter 3 – The Tao of the Law School Mind
Chapter 4 – Knowing Your True Self
Chapter 5 – Writing Final Exam Essays
Chapter 6 – Noreuil’s Top Ten Tips for Essay Writing
Chapter 7 – Multiple Choice Questions
Chapter 8 – Noreuil’s Top Ten Tips for Multiple Choice Questions
Chapter 9 – Handling Negativity and Obstacles
Chapter 10 – Knowing Your Universe, Part II – Final Exams
Chapter 11 – After the Journey

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