Friday, September 7, 2012

New to the Collection: Build Your Practice the Logical Way

Build Your Practice the Logical Way by Carol Schiro Greenwald and Steven Skyles-Mulligan is a fairly short (<250 pages) book that can be an excellent resource for attorneys beginning their own practice or 3L's who are looking ahead to their near future and preparing for that eventuality. Below is a condensed version of the table of contents. This book can be found at call number KF 311. B83 2012.

Ch. 1 - Focus on Clients to Build Your Firm
Ch. 2 - Use Value to Create a Foundation of Loyalty
Ch. 3 - Master Communication Techniques to Build a Client-Centric Practice
Ch. 4 - Research to Understand Your Current Practice
Ch. 5 - Research to Ynderstand Your Foundation Clients' Worlds
Ch. 6 - Build a Client-Centric Firm
Ch. 7 - Replicate Your Foundation Clients
Ch. 8 - Pick the Low Hanging Fruit

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  1. Thanks for talking about our book. This is an excellent discussion about how the recommendations scale to firms of various sizes. We've seen smaller firms trying to grow or be acquired; larger firms trying to enter a "boutique" space, competent attorneys squeezed into - or seeking - more control over their own fates. If you - or your readers - want to continue the conversation, we welcome you at