Monday, November 2, 2015

Print Resource of the Month: Guide to International Legal Research

Welcome to our new monthly segment, Print Resource of the Month! On the first week of each month we’ll be highlighting a print resource available in the Law Library. That’s a lot of books so check back often for new information. We’ll be tagging these posts with appropriate tags at the bottom; you can use these tags throughout the blog to help guide your research.

This month we’re taking a look at Guide to International Legal Research. Produced by the George Washington International Law Review, this book is a must-utilize for research on public international law, private international law, and comparative law. This guide provides a researcher with a comprehensive list of law and law-related sources to help jump-start any research concerning international law.

“[I]t provides sources that address not only relations between States, but also the relations between States and international organizations, subnational actors, and non-state actors.” 

The introduction provides an overview of sources of international law, including the traditional sources like conventions and customs, while introducing the influence of municipal courts and soft law. Chapters are arranged by geographic region – like South Asia and the Middle East – and by subject – like intellectual property and maritime law.

The two biggest strengths of this resource are the annotations providing summaries of the sources listed and the inclusion of official (or at least reputable) websites where available.

Find it in the Reference Section on the second floor of the library, KZ 1234 .G85.


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