Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Some New Online Titles

This week the library agreed with CCH to add the Elder Law Library to our Intelliconnect holdings. Hopefully you all are familiar with Intelliconnect (the CCH portal to their resources) which is linked at . For those not familiar with Intelliconnect initial login/signup needs to occur on campus, you create an individual login for yourself and then you can take that login and use on or off campus and you can build your own favorite libraries, etc.

Titles in the Elder Law Library (under the Family & Elder Law Dropdown Menu or type in the search box at the top)
  • Representing the Elderly Client - The Elderlaw Portfolio Series
  • Elder Law Answer Book
  • Right to Die: the Law of End of Life Decisionmaking
  • ElderLaw Forms Manual
  • The ElderLaw Report
  • Special Needs Trusts Handbook
  • Loring and Rounds: A Trustee’s Handbook
(under the Healthcare Compliance & Reimbursement Dropdown Menu or type in the search box at the top)
  • Medicare Handbook
  • Social Security and Medicare Answer Book

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