Tuesday, November 22, 2011

New SSRN Research Paper Series for Loyola Law Faculty

Loyola University New Orleans College of Law is proud to announce their own Research Paper Series in Legal Studies, hosted by the Social Science Research Network. SSRN is the top digital repository of scholarly papers in the world, with over 300,000 full-text papers in both law and over a dozen other academic fields, such as economics, philosophy and cognitive science. Almost fifty million copies of these papers have been downloaded in SSRN's history, with almost 800,000 downloaded in the last month alone.

With the College of Law’s own Research Paper Series (“RPS”), we will have both our own page on SSRN with faculty scholarship consolidated on one site, and SSRN will send out periodic notifications of new faculty work to anyone who subscribes to our RPS. The College of Law’s page on SSRN is at:


The link at the top to “Subscribe to this eJournal” will allow anyone to subscribe to our RPS, which we expect to publish three to four times a year. Note that you will need to set up an account on SSRN to subscribe to the College of Law’s RPS; clicking on the “Subscribe” link will prompt you to either log in or create a new account.

But besides Research Paper Series from Loyola New Orleans and over 120 other law schools, you can also subscribe to subject-specific eJournals from SSRN. These are periodic e-mails with recent articles from SSRN grouped by subject, such as the Animal Law eJournal, shown here:
Sample SSRN LRN Animal Law eJournal - Should Animals Inherit?

There are several hundred subject-specific eJournals you can subscribe to on SSRN, and all the RPS and eJournal issues you receive contain abstracts of the articles and links to their full text at SSRN.Com. You can browse these eJournals from the main SSRN eLibrary page by expanding the “Legal Scholarship Network” link and the “LSN Subject Matter eJournals”:
SSRN is really just a big racket!
So consider registering with SSRN, browsing a while, then sign up for our faculty’s RPS and some of the eJournals that interest you, and see what’s being published by your professors and their colleagues across the country.

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